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“I thought my days of enjoying food were gone and I would have to learn to deal with my dentures. Dr. Kurtzman made me a new set of dentures, now I can once again enjoy eating but my friends tell me I look younger. I love my new smile.” Wayne O

“I have been wearing full dentures for 20 years and had been saving that long for dental implants. I was told by other dentists that I would just have to learn to deal with my dentures and that implants were not an option for me. Dr. Kurtzman gave me the smile I had dreamed of and I love my dental implants.” Yuly G

“I have always been self conscious of my short teeth and avoided smiling. Since Dr. Kurtzman fixed my teeth I am always smiling now.” Rebecca M

“A few dentists in the past have made me lower partial dentures and I couldn’t get comfortable with them. Chewing was not easy and without the teeth in my cheeks looked sunken making me look older. Dr. Kurtzman placed implants and crowns to replace my missing back teeth. I can again eat well and my friends say I look great and younger.” Bellma H

“I had been suffering with jaw pain for well over a year. Unable to eat and in constant pain I was loosing a lot of weight and having difficulty sleeping. A couple of dentists I had consulted had been unable to help me. Dr. Kurtzman, suggested a bite guard and worked with me to adjust it over a few weeks and in a short time my pain disappeared and I was able to start eating again.” John C

“I originally consulted Dr. Kurtzman for a second opinion regarding two bridges. I decided to have the other dentist make the bridges for me as his fee’s were a little cheaper. Shortly after getting the bridges placed I began having severe pain in my joints. The dentist treating me couldn’t seem to help me so I decided to go back to Dr. Kurtzman desperate for help. I found that the new bridges had changed my bite and caused my problems. Dr. Kurtzman replaced the bridges and placed me in a splint and my pain went away and everything feels very natural now. I wish I had not let a few dollars sway my decision on who to treat me. As they say you get what you pay for.” Zolia G

“Thank you for the wonderful new smile you gave me. I am so pleased with my new appearance now, and everyone I know has commented on what a difference it makes. It has been a tremendous self-esteem boost for me, too. We are all so glad we found your office.” Collette C

“We have been coming to Dr. Kurtzman for 20 years for our dental needs. Even though we moved two hours away, we won’t let anyone else care for our teeth.” Alicia P

“I have always been anxious going to the dentist and have avoided having anything done until it got painful. Dr. Kurtzman helped me relax and the visits have been pain free and now I come in for regular visits for cleanings and have no hesitation getting work done.” Joan M

“After years of grinding my teeth I noticed a difference in the way they looked. Dr. Kurtzman gave me my smile back. I am always getting compliments on my teeth and smile. I find myself smiling a lot more." Chuck S

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Dr. Gregori M. Kurtzman is an international lecturer, selected as one of the top 100 dental speakers since 2006 by Dentistry Today, author of over 200 professional articles, a consultant to multiple dental manufacturers for product evaluation, development and research, he provides general dental care in suburban Maryland since 1986.